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Whimsically Volatile

Mar 31, 2018

Katya & Craig are joined by Blythe Russo to talk about how to stay friends with your ex, the trouble with phone sex, Girl 6, beer, Boston Problems, Irish blood, the substance of drugs, Double McDonalds, wiglets, graphic design, and so much more. Then we go into the Videodrome Vault for some delightful vintage phone-sex...

Mar 27, 2018

On the third episode of WHIMSICALLY VOLATILE, Katya & Craig discuss energies and vibrations, Barbara Markay, adhering to disciplines, dealing with boredom, anxiety addictions, friendships, the sordid history of the nation, and tricks paying you with your own money. 

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Mar 24, 2018

Katya & Craig go over Brian's first time in drags, how they met, Boston feelings, Joel Schumacher, Dynasty, and Judy Garland's drunk tapes. And the whole thing kicks off with a BibleGirl666 interview! 

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Mar 20, 2018

Katya & Craig welcome you to WHIMSICALLY VOLATILE! On our debut episode we talk rehab, the reasons behind Katya's break from public life, why Brian quit drag, entrapment, hooking, dushing, Drag Race, drugs and religion. And we cap everything off by chatting with Vlada Kromatika about witchcraft and romance.