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Whimsically Volatile

Jan 28, 2020

Craig welcomed Sophie Anderson & Cheryl Hole to the Shade Room stage for the “Be Yourself, Bet On Yourself, and Love Yourself” panel at the first annual RuPaul’s DragCon UK - and here’s our entire discussion!


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Jan 13, 2020

Craig & Casey Spooner taped two chats over the last few months - one this past December via the magic of FaceTime and the other in September, backstage at Violet’s Bataclan show - to talk panty shopping in Pigalle, the latest developments in his Presidential campaign, salvation through fashion, what really happened...

Jan 5, 2020

Craig stopped by Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart’s place in Vegas to talk special creams, elasticity, living in Las Vegas, self-taught taxidermy, getting sober, Battle Cat, wedded bliss with Lance Hart, The Spider Room, older men, the ever-changing porn landscape, Peter Murphy, gang-bangs, being your own boss, gothy...