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Whimsically Volatile

Sep 6, 2018

Katya & Craig welcome actor, broadcaster, singer, songwriter, and raconteur Michael Des Barres to talk love, makeup, acceptance, forgiveness, the hidden benefits of narcissism, silver jumpsuits, “MacGyver” Krishnamurti, Mike Chapman, recovery, truth, magick, semi-holy shit, nude musicals, drugs, “Obsession”, sobriety, the power of feminism, Steve Jones, the trickiness of identity, the absurdity of grudges, Robert Stigwood, battling fear and anxiety, overcoming life’s obstacles, the gift of helping others, performing at Live Aid, working with Led Zeppelin, firing your therapist, being kind, being cool, being courageous and having a great wardrobe.

You can find Michael at

Listen to his Sirius/XM Radio show Mon-Fri on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, (Ch. 21)



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