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Whimsically Volatile

Sep 25, 2018

Katya & Craig welcome composer (and Dede’s husband) Tim Kvasnosky to talk bovine wintersports, specific aromas, birthdates, LA, moustache anniversaries, working with Justin Kelly, camping surprises, Dede’s BDE, Polari, spicy talk with Laquita Sharif, the D that haunts you, warm and exciting feelings, diners, going to poundtown, The Whimsically Volatile Drinking Game, the Legend Of Poocasso, hands in the hallway, karaoke, Eastside Vs. Westside beef, Texas catheters, “Caddyshack”, social anxiety, Dip’N’Hide, “Kindergarten Cop”, Hott Garbage, Bedussy & Pooswatcha, the new Nike campaign, the magic of Ernie Anderson, candypumpin’, Jerry Reed, and Tim demonstrates Dede’s favorite thing that he can do with his hands. Oh, and we occasionally mention Jake Shears & The New Beverly Cinema.

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