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Whimsically Volatile

Oct 20, 2018

Katya & Craig’s personal Lord & Saviour Miss Jasmine Masters joins us to talk full-time tuckers, Season 7 memories, doin’ the dush, the Drag Race backstage menu, laughter pains, poppin’ the corn so the kids can eat, DooDoo Voodoo, Miss Patti LaBelle, good juicy yank-yank, shady queens, pissin’ in wigs, ground glass sabotage, getting one with yourself, Hawaiian ping-pong shows, ShakesQueer, Violet Chachki, smokin’ the weed, the origin of The Jush, Chevelle Brooks, Latrice Royale’s wedding, handling haters, hotel habits, Guadalupe McGillicuty, and much much more.

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