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Whimsically Volatile

Jan 26, 2019

Katya & Craig welcome the hilarious John Hill to talk Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club (and music career), Kevin Hart, co-hosting “Andy Cohen Live” on Sirius XM, the R. Kelly documentary and other horror movies, Gaga’s regrets, “Skinny Corpse”, super bleak bummer flicks, escape rooms, what a producer on a reality TV show actually does, brain fog, Negative Nancies, grey gross liquids, being in the original Broadway cast of  “Hairspray”, Casita Del Campo, Peter Allen’s sex life, working with Hugh Jackman, struggling with prescription medication, porno programs, World Of Wonder, Tori & Dean, hijinx, Kathy Griffin, filthy people, Watch What Happens Live!, Bianca Del Rio, Propecia, and more!

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