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Whimsically Volatile

Feb 25, 2019

Katya & Craig welcome the most spiciest Meatball to talk pomegranate seeds, stool issues, Postmates poop solutions, superior sweating, “Troop Beverly Hills”, karate swamps, the power of Pedialyte, goin’ down to H-Town, the mystery of Nicole Kidman, the magic of Tatiana Maslany, ceasing and desisting, “Miami Vice”, The Boulet Brothers,  Lindsay Lohan, Dragula, moving apartments, Santee Alley, Dorothy’s Boutique, Boston gigs, permission to sit, the world of Tammie Brown, lobby looks, pre-show jitters, showday riituals, mingling and malingering, fisting, number thieves, vegan boyfriends, Brian Burritos, hott salada, San Francisco suggestions, Peaches Christ, degrees of discomfort, spatchcocking, “Waiting For Guffman”, and more!

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