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Whimsically Volatile

Mar 5, 2019

Katya & Craig lock all the guests in the hallway to talk touring plans, piping hot scalding tea, travel time, bitching about bitching about bitching about Drag Race, sports fans, how to sidestep fecal landmines on the WorldWideWeb, Katya’s “Help Me, I’m Dying” World Tour, Brian’s Hawaiian Holiday, gonzo porn, Bryan Ferry, Australialand, Wigs By Vanity, intermission schedules, Pina Bausch, Mardi Gras, Aquaria, Ann Pyne, bypassing bad weather, Velvet Buzzsaw, hamster-wheeling, finding some balance, cleaning & decorating, toilet brushes, glitter lava lamps, body-swap films, Game Of Thrones, poison punch recipes and MORE!


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