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Whimsically Volatile

Jun 22, 2019

Katya & Craig welcome Tammie Brown & Friends to talk movie posters, Australian slang, mathematical raps, Blonde Thing, flashmobs of negativity, The Blue Chairs, Tina Turner, Tammie’s upcoming album “Shubert”, Madame X, Bjork, racial issues in the drag community, Palliative Princess, “The Browns”, disco shooter shoes, Candy Darling, Little Miss Shakes, the peril of palm oil, Cheryl’s By The Bay, sex chimps, Tammy Faye Bakker, pullin’ the face back, Piano Foot, free-floating silicone, twistin’ off, Jimmy The Jeep, chili-cheese gigantazoids, “Porta-Potty Prostitute”, Tammie’s upcoming Provincetown residency, stage invaders, and MORE!