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Whimsically Volatile

Jun 23, 2019

Craig welcomes our friend Michael Des Barres back to talk staying in the moment, periwinkle nail polish, The Cocks & The Crawlers, Billie Ellish, DTLA, the perfection of mistakes, Led Zeppelin getting sued by Spirit, Martin Gore, punching the meat, Michael’s new single with The Mistakes “Crackle & Hiss”, the StreetHeart Foundation, the trouble with reunions, the rewards of service, easing anxiety by helping others with theirs, rented tigers, upcoming gigs, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, “Murder, She Wrote”, accepting our pasts, how to avoid paranoid comas, coming back to “MacGyver”, Don Johnson, working with Clint Eastwood, getting married again, the emotional impact of physical fitness, and MORE!

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