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Whimsically Volatile

Jul 5, 2019

Casey Spooner stopped by Craig’s AirBnb to announce his presidential campaign as well as talk music industry espionage, accidentally moving to Paris, benefits & galas, unravelling, international affairs, “Opening Night”, growing up gay in the South in the 80s, the origins of Fischerspooner, traveling light, Casey’s custom Nike presidential active-wear, fabricating value, God’s Love We Deliver, bidding wars, World Pride, the seedy underbelly of the fine art world,  “Body Double”, being friends with Violet Chachki, getting wrapped up into the Prada family, democracy vs. capitalism, learning on the job, sexuality, songs of compersion, making “Sir” with Michael Stipe, losing your mind onstage, losing your money on touring, and MORE! As a special treat, we’re joined by the fabulous Mike Potter for a few minutes at the end and discuss Merv Griffin, Gucci, vomit, and why the next president should be single.

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