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Whimsically Volatile

Jul 12, 2019

Before jetting off to seperate locales, Katya & Craig got together to talk sneaky footwear, Dr. Kevorkian, The Hospice Negotiator, the people behind Straight Pride, buttons lost in the carpet, pushin’ the pastry, Confetti Wapner, discovering you’ve picked up a bigot, stuffing your face at Olive Garden, dance buttons, Milo & Tami, tinkle tweaking, Kuda Peaberry, Goth Charlotte, Toothless Gary, Bob & Jose Regular, the deep dangers of intravenous drugs, the chem sex trap, pursuing sexuals, Danielle Stool, Trixie & Katya’s upcoming book, “Just One Of The Guys”, interesting statistics from Barbra Streisand, our recent trips to the cinema, and MORE!


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