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Whimsically Volatile

Aug 3, 2019

Katya & Craig welcomed Jodie Harsh to the big leather couch shortly after Drag Con LA to talk sexual awakenings, Disneyland with drag queens, blood pudding, living in London, how to talk to Madonna, drunk munchkins, The Cock Destroyers, sex in drag, sleeping through gigs, The Boulet Brothers, getting outed to your family by a nosy rat teacher, Goth Charlotte, smoking with the cool girls, Shoreditch, pedicure problems, Amy Winehouse, “The Great Gatsby”, Chi Chi LaRue, flying private, estrangement from family, DJing in Dubai, the selfie museum, getting laid thru Instagram, touching the money,, Drag Race UK, psychic readings, remixing Alaska, Jodie’s Dollar Baby party, and much much more!

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