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Whimsically Volatile

Aug 31, 2019

To close out Hot Girl Summer, we present a special collection of excerpts from our vast Patreon Only Hot Dog Club catalog! Featured in this partial anthology: “The Lost Tape”, dog talk & Poppins plots with Deven Green, thoughts on smoking, Ray Liotta’s Chantix commercial, exceprts from the “Scream” & “Contact” Movie Clubs featuring Trixie Mattel, skunk play & boiled peanuts with Cherry & Sophie, movie confusion with Miz Cracker & Katelyn from our “Fifth Element” Movie Club, and some in-depth analysis of a recent batch of Salt & Straw flavors. For these full episodes and much much more (including our Listener Questions series featuring just us, Jasmine Masters, Trixie, Deven, John Grant, Willam, Jake Shears, Alaska, BibleGirl and others) head on over to and slide on in to the Thunderbunz of Hot Dog Club!