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Whimsically Volatile

Sep 28, 2019

Craig welcomes the enchanting Sophie Anderson to WV London HQ1 to talk Cock Destroyers, Krispy Kremes, being a Mom, finding your community, the power of spunk, sunglasses in the house days, VHS porn, plastic surgery, Trixie Mattel, gettin’ it in, going full-on, kebab’n’curry, havin’ a lovely piss drink, “Driving For Dick”, Jodie Harsh, escaping dangerous situations, creating yourself, being bullied, reaching out for help, crossdressing, chosen family, skin-tag surprises, porn preferences, Rebecca More, how to bolster your self-confidence, staying off drugs, our relationship with food, and MORE! Our pals Mike Chapman & Maddy Paterson of The Mike & Maddy Show join in at the end to talk British accents, hangovers, DragWorld disasters and exciting future collaborations. 

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