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Whimsically Volatile

Nov 4, 2019

Craig and special guest co-host Jake Shears welcome the legendary Jessica Harper to talk Crabby Cooking, naked rooftop dancing, Weapons Of Ass Destruction, random pockets of extreme activity, Jessica’s fabulous podcast “Winnetka”, Bette Midler, the magic of Paul Williams, being a mom, so-called children’s music, “Phantom Of The Paradise”, spanking situations, working with Dario Argento, “Stardust Memories”, bakin’ til it bubbles, being in “Suspiria” twice, Tilda The Tripper, “Pennies From Heaven”, Brian De Palma, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”, WASPland, “Shock Treatment”, Richard Foreman & The Ontological-Hysteric Theater, working across the hall from New York Dolls, bad trips, full-circle moments, special questions from our friend John Grant, and MORE! 

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