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Whimsically Volatile

Aug 5, 2018

Katya & Craig are joined by Queer pioneer and Canadian legend Carole Pope (Rough Trade) to talk crimes of passion, teaching Divine to sing, Tim Curry covering one of her songs, almost becoming part of Pink Floyd, poppers, working with William Friedkin on the CRUISING soundtrack, hosting the CASBY’s with Paul Shaffer, “Music For Lesbians”, the boorish behaviour of Bernie Taupin, hanging out with the original SNL cast, appearing on SCTV, doing blow in the 80s, touring with David Bowie, living with Dusty Springfield, charting with the first lady-on-lady rock song, the Canadian star system, Bob Ezrin, S&M, fashion victims, and crimes of cola. We also get to play Carole one of our favorite songs.

Carole’s latest song and video “This Is Not A Test” is available on all respectable platforms! Buy it now, along with all of the Rough Trade albums.

Carole on instagram:

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